Spectra Aviation Ltd. has been successfully providing skilled aircraft maintenance professionals to support Canadian maintenance organizations (AMO’s) and internationally at FAA repair stations.
Contracts range from immediate short-term support, to long-term support on an ongoing basis.

Our maintenance professionals have the required licenses, experience, positive attitude and knowledge base to be inserted into almost any organization with minimal training or supervision required to get to work. The majority of our maintenance professionals hold factory and/or Transport Canada Approved type training certificates allowing them the capability to hold Aircraft Certification Authority (ACA) right away

Maintenance Professionals are subject to availability.

Rotary Wing

The following is a list of aircraft types currently supported by some of our contract maintenance professionals:

Bell – 204/205, 206B/L Series, 212, 214B, 407 Series, 429 Series, 430 Series, 505 Series
Airbus – AS350 Series, EC120B, EC130, EC135, SA315B
Augusta Westland – AW109
MD – 500 Series
Robinson – R22, R44, R66

Hiller – UH12E, UH12E/T

Fixed Wing

Available upon request.

Structures & Avionics


Available upon request.